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The Human Resources Office leads the Michigan National Guard (MING) in accomplishing its mission by providing an environment that inspires excellence. One of our guiding principles is to continuously improve the comprehensive system of full-time personnel management to attract and retain a well-qualified and richly diverse civilian and military workforce that will provide outstanding service to the State of Michigan and our country.

This web site is designed to facilitate our mission by providing useful, accurate and timely information in an easy to use format which provides you with great service the first time and every time.


The Human Resource Office recruits and retains a full-time, qualified workforce, provides effective training and development programs, formulates and interprets personnel policies, manages full-time benefit programs and develops employee relations activities.

Human Resources Office - Support Staff

Equal Opportunity

The Michigan National Guard (MING) will provide Equal Opportunity (EO) for Soldiers and Airmen in military status and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) for Soldiers, Airmen, and civilians in technician status. In addition, applicants for membership in the MING will not be subject to illegal discrimination. All MING personnel are entitled to serve in an environment free from discrimination and sexual harassment. Allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment will be given prompt attention and resolved as expeditiously as possible

The MING is committed to equal opportunity and appreciation of diversity through policies, programs and activities that promote sensitivity and accommodations for all people. Equal opportunity in employment means opportunity not just for some but for all. MING provides equal opportunity in Federal employment regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, and sexual orientation. Diversity is an integral part of every mission and its goals; we will use diversity as a model for helping to identify and develop the best talent, create effective teams, and achieve excellence.

Please see our Equal Employment Opportunity documents for more information.

The State Equal Employment manager can be reached at (517) 481-7725.

Force Management – Staffing and Classification

The Force Management Branch provides comprehensive Recruitment, Placement, Compensation and Position Management services to further enhance the full-time mission of the Michigan National Guard.

Employee Relations – Benefits and Entitlements

The Benefits and Entitlements Branch provides comprehensive Employee Benefit and Entitlement services to further enhance the full-time mission of the Michigan National Guard.

Active Guard Reserve – Army AGR

The AGR branch provides professional, customer-focused personnel and career services for Michigan National Guard AGR and supplemental manpower.

Labor Relations

The Labor Relations section provides comprehensive labor relations, adverse action, and disciplinary services for the Michigan National Guard Military Technician Program.

Employee Development

The Employee Development section develops and administers specialized area-wide human resources and career development programs, and training services to further enhance the full-time mission of the Michigan National Guard.


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Pre-Retirement Briefing

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Michigan Air National Guard ACT Final Approved Contract – 2012
Modern Operating Agreement

Annual Memorandums

Weingarten Notice 2015
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Policy
Diversity Inclusion as a Leadership Strategy
Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy
Discrimination Complaint Hotline

Technician Staffing Resources

JFHQ Reg 690-335 Technician Merit Placement Policy


SF-52 Resources

SF 52 Handbook and Guide

SF-52 ACTION CHECKLIST(Word Doc-edit to your organization)

SF-52 REQUEST TO FILL INSTRUCTIONS CHECKLIST(Word Doc-edit to your organization)

SF-52 Request for Personnel Action (PDF file)

CLASP- Command Leadership Policies


CLASP Policy -NGB Policy Memo #08-09

Technician Hiring Consideration Policies and Guides

TPL 05-1 Trial Probation Period

TPL 87-1 Technician HPR/Pay Setting Policy


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TPR 303 (Military Technician Compatibility)

PL 90-486 Technician Act