15-012 – Senior C/D NCO– 177 MP BDE– 31E5O – November 5, 2014 – December 4, 2014

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1. The following vacancy(s) currently exists within 177th Military Police Brigade:

31E5O E8/MSG 107/09 Taylor SENIOR C/D NCO

2. Interested Soldiers that are no more than ONE grade below the authorized rank are encouraged to apply. Soldiers must be 31 Series qualified. Soldiers cannot be under any suspension of favorable actions for any reason, and must have passed both and APFT Height/Weight standards within 18 months of the suspense (closing date). Soldiers without a current PHA will be considered for the position; however, will not be promoted until completion of an approved PHA.

3. Interested applicants are to send the following documents with contact numbers both day and night to HHC 177 MP BDE, ATTN: SGT Ronald Flowers, 12450 Beech Daly Rd Taylor, MI 48180 or at ronald.j.flowers6.mil@mail.mil

a. Copy of the SWVA for which applying.

b. Memorandum to the President of the Board.

c. Letter of endorsement from current Commander (Soldiers who have current list status do not need a letter of endorsement).

d. Updated DA Form 2-1/Enlisted Record Brief (ERB).

e. GPFR-1790 (Individual Personnel Qualification Record).

f. Last three years of DA Form 705 (include updated DA Form 3349 if applicable).

g. DA Form 5500/5501 if exceeds screening table weight (within 18 months).

h. DA 4187 waiving the normal commuting distance outlined in AR 135-91 (if applicable).

4. All Soldiers are reminded to review their electronic military records on iPERMS (accessible through AKO). Records review boards are completed through iPERMS, not DA 201 files. It is the responsibility of every Soldier to ensure their iPERMS file is complete and accurate.

5. Late or incomplete packets will be returned without action.

6. The point of contact for this action is SGT Baker, Joseph at joseph.a.baker2.mil@mail.mil or (734) 946-2572. Please do not contact the Enlisted Promotion Branch directly.